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Inglés: Present Simple and Present Continuous Video

In this post you can find the video I showed you about a scientist and his assistant. Remember that they were talking about sentences in present simple and continuous and then you had to sort the different sentences in P.S and P.C.
Also, you had to take a photocopy which I’m attaching you.

NOTE: If you need the transcript of this video, you can find it at the end of the post.


What are Mark and Betty doing?
 They are looking at some experiments
 They are working on some experiments
 They are writing some experiments

When is cousin George coming?
 He is coming today for a short visit
 He is coming today for a long visit
 He is coming for a short visit

What does George love?
 He loves meat and music
 He loves to eat and music
 He loves milk and music

Why is Mark wearing a tie?
 Because he loves ties
 Because it is a souvenir from his cousin
 Because it is a present from George

Why is Mark cooking vegetables?
 Because George hates vegetables
 Because George loves meat
 Because George is a vegetarian

How long is George finally staying?
 He is staying for a week
 He is staying for dinner
 He is staying two weeks


Betty: Mark, what are you making?
Mark: I’m making a present for my cousin George. He’s coming today for a short visit.
Betty: But that’s a carton of milk
Mark: It looks like a carton of milk but it’s not… I connect it with my mobile phone and it becomes a speaker. George loves milk and loves music too.

Betty: Why are you wearing a tie? You never wear ties.
Mark: I hate ties, but I am wearing this tie because it’s a present from my cousin George.

Betty: Mark, what are you cooking?
Mark: I am cooking vegetables.
Betty: Vegetables? But you hate vegetables! You always eat meat.
Mark: Yes, but cousin George is a vegetarian. He doesn’t eat meat.

Betty: What are you doing?
Mark: I’m putting away my things. It’s always a disaster when George comes. Thank goodness if only stays for dinner.
Mark: George! Nice to see you! This is Betty, my lovely assistant.
George: Hello Betty! Nice to meet you!
Betty: Nice to meet you too George!
George: Where can I put up my suitcases? I am staying for a week.
Betty and Mark: Oh no!

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